Date: 7-9, November 2018
Novotel Hotel,  Yangon, Myanmar

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 Pre Conference  Ball Room  Pathein Room  Pyay Room  Mandalay Room
 6.11.18  Orthopaedic Basic Science  AOTrauma Interactive Course  Illizarov Deformity Correction Course
 ICL for Residents  Bangkok Trauma Center  Milland Chaundary
 Congress Day
 Day 1  7.11.18  Registration Counter
 07:00-08:00  Congress Registration

 Grand Opening Ceremony

with Golden Jubilee Ceremony at

Yangon Ball Room


 Plenary Lecture on Modern

Orthopaedic on developing world –

Meet the society need

 10:00-10:30  Break and visit to Exhibition
Opening of Academic Sessions
 Venue  Ball Room  Pathein Room  Pyay Room  Mandalay Room
 10:30-12:30  Lower Limb Trauma  Pelvic and Acetabular  Upper Extrimities Complex
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Talk  Lunch Talk
 13:30-15:30  Infection General  Paediatric Trauma  Spine Trauma  ASEAN Education Meeting
 15:30-16:00  Tea Break
 16:00-17:30  OA Knee  Paediatric Deformity  Spine Degenerative
 ASEAN Dinner
 Day 2  8.11.18

 Plenary Lecture Scientific

Publication in Professional

Carrer Development

 09:00-11:00  Arthroplasty Adult Recon Hip  Osteoposis Vertebroplasty  Free Paper
 11:00-12:30  Knee  LBP guideline development  Free Paper
 12:30-13:30  Lunch Talk  AOA councel meeting
 13:30-15:30  Shoulder Elbow  Hand and Micro  Free Paper
 15:30-16:00  Tea Break
 16:00-17:30  Sport & Arthroplasty  Foot & Ankle instability  Free Paper
 Congress Dinner
 Day 3  9.11.18
 08:30-09:00  Plenary Lecture Computer Assisted
 11:00-12:30  Medico-Legal  Orthopaedic Rehabilation
 Informed Consent  Standard Guideline


Immediate Past President
  • Prof. Maung Mg Htwe
  • President
    • Prof. Zaw Wai Soe
    • President Elect
      • Prof. Christopherson Ah Mg
      • Vice President
        • 1. Prof. Khin Maung Myint
        • 2. Prof. Col. Kyee Myint
        • 3. Prof. Aung Myo Win
        • Secretary
          • AP. Zaw Min Han
          • Join Secretary
            • 1. AP. Saw Phone Ni
            • 2. AP. Than Win
            • 3. LT.Col. Hein Latt Win
            • General Secretary
              • AP. Kyaw Min Soe