1. Title of the course
Master of Medical Science in Orthopaedics:
M.Med.Sc (Orthopaedics) course
2. Preamble
Myanmar with its new government policy for prioritization of socio-economic development, educational and health pillar development are important social drive for the national plan. As a member country, Myanmar will be kept in abreast with other regional countries for different sectors development.
According to the national health statistics in 2012, Trauma becomes the public interest of leading disabilities and death. At the same time orthopaedics is one of the most dynamically changed current interest in term of quality as well as quantity. In compare to recently developing neighboring countries, Myanmar has only less than 500 orthpaedic surgeons which ratio the 1 in 100,000 population. It is also admitted to express comparatively low quality care for the people with various reasons, of which low standard of education and training system and inadequacy of human resources in relation to actual workload. That show very clearly that it need to improve both quality standard and recruit more qualified surgeon as Orthopaedics is rapidly growing wide subject, to acquire the comprehensive package of knowledge and acceptable standard of competency skill, it should have enough period of course duration and reliable educational and training system.
With the permission of four year master course, it needs to revise the curriculum fulfilling the expected quality standard of competent full fledged surgeon. For which it is necessary to learn from original discussion points. For this new curriculum for orthopaedics education it needs trainees to go through structured and integrated program of learning environment.

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